8 January 2012

For You IQBAL :)

I love you sweetheart 
I never knew how to make myself stay calm without you when we are apart
only your words can calm me and throw all those worries
thanks for being mine, thanks much
I will never forget when the first time we met
I really in love with you
three things that I keep repeat to myself on how I fell towards you is 
' I miss you I miss you I miss you '
I knew you might get bored with those words
but I can't avoid myself from missing you, everyday
I'm sorry for every single mistakes that I've made
I know I'm not the best girlfriend or the most fun girlfriend that you ever have
but I'm trying my best to make you keep smiles
I love you, I love everything in you
I love how you can make me smile without even trying
I love you for who you are
for the way on how you treat me
for every single jokes that you've made to me
for every fight that we have been go through together
I could give you a thousands reasons why I'm stay
but please, it take a hundred years to explain the reasons why I'm in love with you
I don't ask much, just stay its enough

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